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The « WaterPyramid » solution

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The « WaterPyramid » solution

The Dutch firm Aqua-Aero WaterSystems (AAWS) has developed a “WaterPyramid” still that can be installed in countries where water is not fit for human consumption.

The WaterPyramid makes use of simple technology to process clean drinking water out of salt, brackish or polluted water. Most of the energy needed to clean the water is obtained from the sun.

The quantity of water produced is linked to the intensity of solar radiation and to the size of the structure made of transparent plastic.  In tropical regions, it is possible to produce up to 2 litres of water per day and per m².  Thus, a system with a surface area of 600 m² can produce 1250 litres of distilled water per day.

Photo : Pomana Island Indonesia/Annette Boesveld


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