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Listen to a cone

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Listen to a cone

P2C is a revolutionary speaker cone. Why? Because ATE built it with laminated APTIV™ film. Aptiv is the first name of a family known as PEEK polymers.
APTIV (a Victrex product) has a number of key acoustic properties, including lower distortion and ringing, no break-up-modes, very simple crossovers, and a flatter frequency response in comparison to other cones. The use of APTIV film has enhanced ATE’s design process by enabling free surface design capabilities. Further, the ability to thermoform APTIV film into intricate details in the speaker cone design means that the manufacturing process is fast and efficient, allowing it to be used in high volume and cost competitive applications.
APTIV films meet the long term fatigue performance required for a speaker diaphragm. Speaker diaphragms can be designed in different thicknesses which gives a great deal of flexibility in the design process. Additionally many of the latest generation of mobile phones require higher power speakers which increases the operating temperature of the voice coil and diaphragm, eliminating the lower temperature films which were used in previous generations.


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