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Less consuming planes

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Less consuming planes

The EasyJet airline is testing a revolutionary nanotechnology-based coating on eight of its aeroplanes, with the aim of developing more aerodynamic planes which guzzle less kerosene.
The ultra-thin coating, less than a micron thick, is already in use on some American military aircraft. It consists of a polymer material applied to the plane’s paintwork. This has the effect of reducing the accumulation of debris on the surface and therefore improving the plane’s aerodynamics.
According to EasyJet, this nano-coating, which adds only 115 grams to the weight of the plane, could reduce fuel consumption by 1% to 2%.
The nano-coating contains solid, durable acrylic particles allowing a perfectly smooth finish to be created. The purpose of this special resin is to fill the ’pores’ of the impacted surface. The film produced in this way forms a barrier which prevents the subsequent depositing of contaminants.
The special coating is applied and distributed in the United Kingdom by a company called TripleO.
EasyJet is testing this coating on eight planes to enable it to compare fuel consumption with the rest of the fleet over a period of twelve months.


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