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Humanitarian bag

Le Laboratoire, an experimental research laboratory in Paris, has developed a clever and innovative bag, the Pumpkin, for carrying water. With its design modelled on the biological cell, the Pumpkin can be transformed at will: from its initial volume (2.3 litres), it can be adapted to suit everyone’s needs and hold up to 15 litres. The pumpkin is divided into two functional parts: a bag made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) where you can put your personal belongings and an extendable polyethylene bellows section which can carry enough water for a day.

Clipped together, these two units form the Pumpkin which can be carried over your shoulder or on your back and is ideal for sportspersons, hikers or picnickers.

Its purpose, above all, is to improve sanitary conditions for carrying water in developing countries. In producing a first prototype of the Pumpkin, Le Laboratoire is officially launching a three-year humanitarian programme and participating in a charity programme set up in South Africa by the ArtscienceLabs network.

The profits from sales of the Pumpkin will go towards developing research in South Africa, into making water more accessible.Les bénéfices des ventes du Pumpkin contribueront à développer les recherches en Afrique du Sud sur l’accessibilité à l’eau.

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