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All-purpose suitcases

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All-purpose suitcases

Developed by the design agency AGENT, this collection of Move-on suitcases is a concept aimed at XXI century travellers seeking new experiences…

Three carbon-fibre suitcases, SURFN, RIDN and STROLLN, offer different functionalities which promise to make travellers’ lives much easier:

Tired of endless queues at airports? RIDN turns into a comfortable armchair thanks to its base of polyurethane gel with Technogel® shape memory!

Packages under your arm and children running here, there and everywhere? All you have to do is push the handle on your SURFN for a platform to drop down: then you simply place your bags and packages on it…and you’re suddenly travelling light! And for children, it’s a moving platform, much more fun than a scooter!

With a baby in your arms and a suitcase to drag along, why make life complicated? STROLLN can be set up as a baby chair in no time at all… and life is good again!


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