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Zoff Smart glasses catch the eye

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Zoff Smart glasses catch the eye

The lightweight and resistant resin Ultem* from SABIC replaces the metal in the frames of the elegant new Zoff SMART glasses from Intermestic.

Intermestic Inc., a specialist retailer of eyewear, frames and accessories, has chosen the lightweight and resistant Ultem* resin polyetherimide (PEI) for the frames on its new range of Zoff SMART eyewear. The Ultem resin used in high-tech fields such as aerospace is made to measure and meets the expectations of Japanese customers, who want their eyewear to be stylish and contemporary, reliable in the long term and as light as a feather. This resin enables Intermestic to eliminate titanium and aluminium from the materials selection process. It also gives incredible flexibility and elasticity combined with a resistance against losing its shape, which allows the frame to be bent without difficulty and then easily regain its original shape. The Ultem resin is also heat and UV-resistant and offers considerable freedom in terms of design.

 “Our Ultem resin has demonstrated its quality and performance in a large number of very demanding applications in important markets, such as aerospace or healthcare, and its versatility gives it a strong value-added potential in consumer goods”, said Takeshi Maruyama, director of the Japanese subsidiary of Sabic Innovative Plastics.


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