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VIB: Very Innovative Bike

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VIB: Very Innovative Bike

In a bike, the less it weighs, the more is its added value. This is also valid for plastics. When weight and value are combined, it results in Gocycle®, a fold-up bicycle using clean electric power. Gocycle® , the lightest production electric bicycle in the world is manufactured by KKL (Karbon Kinetics Ltd).

The bike weighs just 16.2kg and is capable of supporting large loads, thanks in large part to the high-performance Verton composite - a 60-percent long glass fibre-reinforced nylon composite that gives it its extreme stiffness, impact strength, exceptional toughness and reliability.

The new fold-up bicycle uses clean electric power and features an aesthetic, seamless design that gives a no-effort ride and no emissions. It is an environmentally responsible, low-cost urban transport solution that meets all European Union (EU) and U.S. city cycle testing standards.

The choice of an engineering thermoplastic for a bearing and wave spring in this type of application is a technological breakthrough thanks to the high strength and durability it provides. Not to mention, that the health benefits for the biker complements benefits for the environment.


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