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The Plasticarium at the Atomium!

Previously housed in a quiet little street in Brussels, the Plasticarium, the world's finest collection of plastic furniture dating from the 1960s to the year 2000, will soon be moving into the Atomium, itself an eminent emblem of modernity.
Until now, its owner, the passionate and captivating Philippe Decelle had but a single regret: not having a large enough place in which to showcase his fabulous objects. And now he has found it! The 9-sphered monument, one of the most visited in Belgium, decided to extend itself to the nearby Trade Mart, for the purpose of dedicating a worthy space to design. Although the future museum's 5000 sqm will not be solely devoted to plastic objects, over half of its surface will house Philippe Decelle's collection.

Until the museum's planned opening in December 2015, one of the famous spheres will be hosting the "Orange Dreams" exhibition until the 25th of May, offering a taste of the most fun and original aspects of plastic design through a series of six art installations: Nomadic dream, MOD’s dream, Living dream, Space music dream, Kitchen’s dream and Office dream.
Designed by exhibition curator Philippe Decelle, the six orange dreams offer a personal and poetic look at the consumer society of the 60s and 70s as well as a good overview of the full collection to be unveiled at the end of the year.


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