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The Exquisite concept bar

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The Exquisite concept bar

The “bar-mobile” concept which French designer Marc Ferrand has come up with is brand new but already widely talked about!
Winner of the Exquisite Design Award sponsored by the leading vodka brand, this original honeycomb structure bar whose shape channels the distinctive sinuous curve/counter-curve lines of the Exquisite bottle wowed a panel of top design judges.
"My idea was to compose an object from a single standard industrial component. The bar I came up with is made from constant volume square extruded PVC crystal tubes. Overlaying them gives you these irregular shapes and curves that the Exquisite bottle has”, says Marc Ferrand, who kept a hands-on watch over the development and manufacture of his bar.
The bar consists of an assemblage of superimposed layers in white and transparent materials that echo the Exquisite bottle’s cool-looking contents. It is fitted with fifteen LED utility lights of varying brightness to create lighting and shading effects with the PVC colours. Marc Ferrand has given a brand new take on a commonplace object - the bar – turning it into something that is unique and off-the-wall while being practical and design-savvy.


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