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Teqball: the combination of football and table tennis

Teqball is the perfect mix of football and table tennis: the table is still there, but instead of using a paddle and a small white ball, players use a football!
Put simply, Teqball enables two or more players to face-off against each other using a ball on a table that looks much like the kind used for ping pong. The only difference is that the table's curved shape and a polycarbonate or Plexiglas net, specially designed according to the laws of mathematics and physics to ensure that the ball always bounces towards the opponent. As a result, players have to master and control the ball every two to three seconds, resulting in an incalculable number of hits and therefore impeccable technique. This was actually one of the aims of the Hungarian creators of this new discipline: enabling football players to improve their technique in a fun way.
This contactless sport, which avoids almost all risk of injuries, has had  increasing success with audiences of all ages, both amateurs and professionals alike. Sold in around a hundred countries, many prestigious clubs such as Real Madrid have acquired one of these curved tables, and they have even become the "training ground" of Lionel Messi himself!


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