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Sweet dreams are made of…

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Sweet dreams are made of…

In the 1980’s, Eurythmics pretended that sweet dreams were made of tears. Zentia disagrees: in order to manufacture its latest Seafoam® pillow, the Spanish comfort products producer uses a new viscoelastic polyurethane foam system which allows air to circulate through the foam, enabling the dissipation of body heat and perspiration during sleep.
The name of the plastic, Bayfit® (developed by Bayer MaterialScience) is very accurate since the material for the so called slow recovery foam adapts to the body's weight regardless of temperature, distributing it over the largest possible surface area to improve comfort. Its easy adaptation to body shape prevents muscular tension and helps the user find the appropriate position for a proper rest. The foam also has a great capacity for recovering its original shape after being subjected to pressure.
The ease with which the material adapts to the body, combined with the air circulation system, results in a frequent use of the pillow in hospitals to prevent ulcers in patients who are bedridden for a long period of time.



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