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Sunshine in our mobiles

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Sunshine in our mobiles

A revolutionary invention? Whatever the case may be, it has just won a prize at the international competition, organised by the CTIA Wireless Show in Orlando, in the United States. The fruit of research by Wysips, a small French company created in 2009.

Wysips is a transparent, flexible plastic film on which extremely thin (around one micron) photovoltaic strips are deposited. Unlike solar chargers which are placed on top of the case of a Smartphone, this film is so fine that it can be incorporated directly in the screen without changing its appearance or impairing its functionalities (tactility, etc.).
The photovoltaic energy thus produced can then be used to recharge the battery of the mobile. According to its creators, Wysips allows a mobile phone, like the iPhone 4, to be completely recharged in six hours. This technology works just as well with the luminous flux from artificial lighting as with natural sunlight: this means that the mobile can be recharged even when it is not exposed to sunlight but simply left on a desk. WYSIPS technology, “what you see is a photovoltaic surface” should be available in some mobile phones from 2012.
According to Wysips, “If two billion mobile telephones were equipped with this technology, this would make it possible to produce a gigawatt of electricity or the equivalent of the production of a nuclear power station!”


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