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Stay safe, look cool

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Stay safe, look cool

Wear a bike helmet? “Too bulky”, is the oft-heard cry from bareheaded urban cyclists, putting them at bigger risk of injury in an accident. Because they cannot easily be packed away, many users often prefer to go without helmets rather than stay safe. It is an alarming finding that Philippe Arrouart, engineer and founder of Overade, resolved to address, by creating a foldable helmet.
The Overade helmet consists of an ABS plastic outer shell and an inner lining of expanded polystyrene. Designed to meet the many European safety standards, it provides the same degree of safety as other helmets on the market. The plus point? A patented folding system that reduces its bulk by two-thirds when folded. Design and safety may be what impelled Philippe Arrouart’s invention, but not at the expense of wearability: "The aim was to design a product that was comfortable in terms of ventilation, strap adjustment and even snugness of fit. We have added a real functional feature without forfeiting those already found on standard helmets.”


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