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SpnKIKS, the shape of skates to come

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SpnKIKS, the shape of skates to come

Peter Treadway is the inventor of spnKiX (pronounced "spin-kicks"), motorized skates that get you around quicker than by walking. The project began in 2010 with a series of bulky and uncool-looking prototypes, but his first real model is now almost finished. The "spnKix" -  sort of a cross between ski boots and oversized roller skates - simply slip on over the user’s shoes to let them go gliding away.

The first models should be reaching the market in spring 2012. The plastic and metal (fibre reinforced nylon and aluminium) spnKiX can reach a top speed of 16 kph. Each boot has a rechargeable lithium battery and a motor, and they are synchronized to work together as “sort of mirrors of each other”. The battery has a range of about 3-5 km before needing to be recharged. Once strapped on, the speed of the shoes is controlled by a handheld wireless remote controller, the size of a deck of cards.

spnKiX are Patent Pending. "spnKiX" is a trademark of ACTON, INC. All rights reserved.


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