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SimpleBag – simply great!

The simplest ideas are often the best! And this innovation – the "simple bag": an easy-opening plastic bag that stays open unaided, is that and more.
It’s every shopper’s pet hate – going through the checkout, keeping the bag open with one hand to load your shopping with the other while the next customer’s shopping piles into yours! A royal pain now cured by a simple solution from a Nice-based outfit ... Simple but not blindingly obvious, because getting from the first glimmering to the finished product needed a full year of R&D by this entrepreneur and his son.
The woven polypropylene SimpleBag is a patented product available so far in several colours and capacities. The biggest is just right for gathering up garden leaves. In fact, the first customers for this clever bag are building industry professionals, mostly DIY stores and garden shops.
The company’s proud boast is that this is a truly "Made in France" innovation: the straps, films, rods, adhesive...everything that goes into making this new-design bag is French-made, even if that makes it a tad pricier.
The grind of filling bags of any kind will soon be no more than a bad memory!


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