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Sea2See, eco-responsible glasses

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Sea2See, eco-responsible glasses

"Because there is no other sea" is the slogan of the new brand of eco-responsible glasses, Sea2See, which manufactures frames from plastic waste recovered at sea.
Converting marine waste into quality products is possible! To achieve this, the Belgian founder and CEO of Sea2See, François van den Abeele, set up a partnership with Spanish fishing communities for the purpose of recovering "ghost" fishing nets and equipment abandoned at sea. Five containers were installed in around twenty Spanish ports, in which the fishermen can deposit old fishing nets recovered in the water. A tonne of waste is recovered every day. The plastic waste is then sorted and cleaned. The waste that is selected will be converted and be given a second life, in the form of a top range product: 100% recycled glasses, sober and classic models manufactured in Italy.
Sea2see also plans to export itself to Africa in order to raise awareness, acting according to the company's concept of the circular economy. With a simple abandoned product at the end of its lifecycle, Sea2See has proven that waste can be converted into quality products, even in the fashion industry. And that everyone can be become an ambassador of change.

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