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“Sack,” the malleable vase

If, like most of us, you never have the right vase at hand, at the right time (too small, too wide, etc.), there is only one solution: the “sack” vase.

Completely flat, this smart vase made of thermoformable PVC consists of two heat-welded sheets.

Its special feature is that it can be shaped by interacting with changes in temperature which alter the molecular structure of the vinyl.
Plunge it into hot water and it becomes soft. Mould it until you obtain the desired shape, then set it by putting it into cold water. It will keep this shape through the action of the cold water added with the bunch of flowers. Of course, it can be reused and reshaped ad infinitum. And to put it away, once flattened, you can easily slip it into an envelope or a drawer.


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