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Ramlosa bottle, Pentawards 2011 premium winner

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Ramlosa bottle, Pentawards 2011 premium winner

The 2011 Pentawards, the annual competition for the world’s best consumer product packaging, has conferred its best-of-show honour, the Diamond Pentaward, on the Ramlösa bottle (Carlsberg Group). The bottle was commended for its new design in high-end packaging plastic that replaces the brand’s traditional glass bottles, as well as its environmental and transport credentials.
The new Ramlösa premium bottle, designed by NINE and made out of plastic PET, serves the purpose of being sold in exclusive restaurants, venues and nightclubs.
NINE was briefed with the seemingly impossible mission to design a new premium bottle in PET, since the association to plastic materials is not premium in the target group.
The premium feeling was achieved by creating a bottle that borrows form and shape from the world of old crystal glasses – but with the material that comes from a modern and much less premium world. The contrasts make the result both interesting and beautiful.

"We really believe in the possibility to change people’s minds about material, such as PET, as something that is environmentally friendly but historically has lacked the premium feeling that is crucial for Ramlösa in restaurant environments. The new Ramlösa made out of PET really signals the quality that the product demands", says Lotta Onajin, Client Director at NINE.

The competition for 2012 will be open from 2 April to 11 May 2012


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