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Minitel: 3615 Recycle


Minitel: 3615 Recycle

A new lease of life for the Minitel!
After more than thirty years of trusted service, this groundbreaking little plastic cube, which looks like a small television, is taking its final bow: the Orange phone company decided to pull the plug on it at the end of June and asked die-hard users to drop off their Minitel terminals at their shops or at waste collection sites .
Most of them will end up in the hands of a Toulouse-based company for dismantling and recycling its various components. The screens, tubes and printed circuit boards will be sorted, decontaminated and recycled. Almost 90% of the recovered components will go on to be re-used. The plastic can be used to make car bumpers or coat-racks, and the ground glass will be mixed in with road coatings.

Almost 50,000 Minitel terminals have already been dismantled and stripped over the past two years, but there are still about 700,000 more to be dealt with.


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