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Lego – a brick-buster movie!

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Lego – a brick-buster movie!

The Lego Movie, the newly-released first full-length animated film about the world famous plastic bricks, is an U.S. box office-topping blockbuster hit!
The Lego Movie tells the tale of a mini-figure who has to save the world. But it is really all about the Lego...the plastic bricks that first appeared in 1949, and now adored by millions of children (and adults) around the world.
Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are children at heart...100% Lego-philes. As kids, they forever had buckets of the famous bricks in their rooms, they avow. So poking fun at Lego was never on the agenda. The very first thing they did was to take inspiration from the "ingenuity and humour" that comes out of the international Lego community, they say. Some enthusiasts even use a program to submit new product ideas to the brand. And many have also produced short films using the famous bricks and minifigures.
One secret to the film’s success lies in the technique used. Instead of going with straight CGI animation, Lord and Miller chose to simply use...real Lego. “We both thought wouldn’t it be amazing to make a big, fun, action-packed adventure that captures the feeling of being a kid putting these pieces together, but on a truly epic scale," they relate. The plastic bricks and figures are brought to life by a stop-motion-type technique...The fire, water and even smoke in the film are actually made of authentic Lego pieces, for example. The filmmakers even forbade themselves from creating the bricks they might need by CGI.
In all, 15 million bricks were used for the film which was shot almost simultaneously in Los Angeles, Australia and Lego’s own headquarters in Denmark.

THE LEGO MOVIE © The LEGO Group & Warner Bros Entertainment Inc


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