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From a dress to the human heart…

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From a dress to the human heart…

What do the human heart and a dress have in common? Not much, you might think…
Sculpteo, a French company specialising in 3D printing, unveiled one of its latest innovations at the latest CES in Las Vegas: a human heart and a dress, both made from a new material: TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane.
This new flexible plastic should be able to reproduce the rigidity and flexibility of human organs, and the fineness of textile. "With this new type of material, 3D printing comes out equal to traditional means of production by enabling the creation of soft and flexible objects that are functional and not just prototypes" said Sculpteo’s CEO Clément Moreau.

The company explained that it used the 3D printing process to print a human heart with all its technical properties, and that it worked with young designer Anastasia Ruiz to complete its creations in the area of fashion. At a later date, Sculpteo plans to provide surgeons with educational training materials and enable big brands to manufacture bespoke items (shoe soles, small wheels, etc.).


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