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Freezig, an innovative sled for disabled people

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Freezig, an innovative sled for disabled people

Freezig is an "environmental sled for disabled sportspeople" born out of collaboration between the commercial firm Rotoplus, the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) and the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG).
The polyethylene Freezig allows a person, of limited mobility, to go ice-skating on a rink. It’s a push-type system with telescopic poles adapted to the skater which leans into turns (without overturning) to compensate for the centrifugal force and prevent skidding. It has a rear anti-tilt system for easy wheelchair/sled transfer. The difficulty was to get a sled that can tilt to glide on edges without skidding, but also to ensure safety for something that can reach speeds of up to 40 kph. The sled is mainly designed for disabled people with limited mobility and can also accommodate a person in charge of steering. It can be used by the elderly.
Freezig can adapt to a variety of disabilities and has clear benefits, not just for recreation and sports, but also for functional rehabilitation. There is no similar product at the present time that combines straight-line stability with no-skid rink-holding when going into turns.


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