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Caddie bounces back with plastic shopping trolleys

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Caddie bounces back with plastic shopping trolleys

Caddie means to continue driving innovation in modernising shopping trolleys. Its new hybrid model now being delivered to stores was designed with this in mind.
Dubbed "Caddie et Motion" (say “trolley-e-motion”), it is made in a combination of metal (steel) wire for the structure, basket bottom and child seat, and plastic, recycled polypropylene, for the rest.
Like its main competitor, Germany’s Wanzl, Caddie sees the lightness of plastic as the way to go - its new trolley weighs just 21 kg against 30 for all-metal models. The innovations make it a more pleasurable experience for consumers: quieter and more manageable with its two more ergonomic side handles, front bumpers and an optional wheel lock.
"This new-style trolley is representative of a process of global innovation going on through the acquisition of Caddie by the Altia Group in May 2012,” explains Caddie’s General Manager Philippe Janet. “With its improved shopper-friendliness and designer look, this hybrid metal/plastic trolley can meet the needs of all users, both consumers and the store managers that are our direct customers.”

Whatever else, the iconic Alsatian brand, saved from collapse last year, is hoping this will help it reclaim its European leadership and is going all out to ensure the success of its latest innovation, having enlisted designers and ethnographers to craft this “shopping trolley of the future” which should be a better fit with what consumers want and expect.


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