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Bright future: flexible and transparent screens

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Bright future: flexible and transparent screens

LG, the Korean brand, has developed two screen prototypes, one of which is so flexible that it can be rolled up into a 3cm-diameter cylinder.

Will tomorrow's televisions be transparent or flexible enough to be rolled up and put away? In a press release, South Korean manufacturer LG announced the production of two prototypes showcasing the company's future OLED screen production capabilities. The first, undoubtedly the most impressive, is an 18-inch matrix, 45.72 cm diagonally, that can be rolled up into a 3cm-diameter cylinder without creating any display problems. It boasts a definition of 1.200 x 810 pixels and was manufactured from a polyimide film, a plastic usually used in the flexible cables that link a portable computer's screen to its case. LG explained that the polyimide helped to reduce the screen's thickness and enabled an unprecedented curvature radius to be achieved. However, this was not their only innovation.
The second prototype is in line with work already undertaken by other display specialists on tiles that can display images while letting through surrounding light. It is also an OLED screen with a 30% light transmission rate. The tile is therefore sufficiently translucent to be able to see behind it in a lighted environment, even with an active display.
Boosted by these two examples, LG has set itself a new goal: creating a flexible and translucent 60 inch Ultra HD screen by 2017.


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