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Brewing a new coffee capsule

Since the end of 2012, the Swiss Coffee Company has been marketing coffee in compostable plastic capsules, in an aroma-type barrier packaging, together with coffee machines, in Switzerland under the brand name beanarella.
BASF’s plastic ecovio was chosen for both the capsule and also the composition of the multilayer composite structure of the outer shell of the capsules designed to seal in the coffee aroma. The plastic ecovio, which is composed largely of renewable raw materials, has found its first production application in a system solution for packaging.

The idea for the product came to the Swiss company's founders in 2011. A project completion time of 13 months was all it took to bring high-grade coffee packaged in injection moulded biodegradable plastic capsules to market. The company’s goal is to market high-quality coffee that satisfies both social and environmental criteria when it comes to production. The packaging is also expected to satisfy similar criteria.


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