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Blade stunner: blowing in the wind

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Blade stunner: blowing in the wind

Siemens has set a new record in the world of wind turbines. The German manufacturer has just built a 75 metre long blade for its B75 Quantum Blade prototype: it is the size of an airbus A380 with a rotor diameter of 154 metres. Between now and the end of 2012, these blades will be used on a prototype six-megawatt offshore wind turbine and will be put into service at a Danish wind farm.

French company Alstom previously held the record with a 73.5 metre blade used in its Haliade 150 wind turbine. The IntegralBlade process enabled Siemens to construct a fibreglass blade cast in one piece without glue joints, giving it added strength and efficiency.

Siemens claims that this makes it 25 to 50% lighter than a blade of the same size built using traditional technology.


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