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Argomedtec gives legs to the disabled

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Argomedtec gives legs to the disabled

Rewalk’s principles are leveraging advanced motion sensors, sophisticated robotic control algorithms, on-board computers, real-time software, actuation motors, tailored rechargeable batteries and –of course - composite plastic materials.

To make a long story short, ReWalk™ is a device that helps users to walk with crutches Walk with crutches? Paralyzed persons ? Yes: they control the ReWalk suit movement through subtle changes in centre of gravity and upper-body movements. In addition to simplifying suit control, this user participation in mobility brings tangible health and emotional benefits. ReWalk™ is not just a vertical wheelchair – it restores the element of control over mobility, an element wheelchair users miss painfully.

By maintaining users upright on a daily basis, and exercising even paralyzed limbs in the course of movement, ReWalk™ alleviates many of the health-related problems associated with long-term wheelchair use: urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems problems, osteoporosis, pressure sores and so on. In addition to relieving suffering, this has a real impact on healthcare costs – cutting yearly expenses almost in half, and enabling both insurers and individuals to redirect funds to other projects.

ReWalk™ makes standing devices, stair lifts, bed lifts, expensive powered wheelchairs – or the oversize vehicles and devices required to handle them - and other mobility assistance apparatus redundant. ReWalk™ users only need minimal additional mobility assistance – saving money and, even more important, restoring autonomy and thus self-esteem.


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