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Aquatic jewels

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Aquatic jewels

Created three and a half years ago, Molusk is a jewellery collection inspired by the marine world with its colours, motifs and textures, and launched by Anthony Masure and Lucille Saliou, two young fashion designers.

Lucille and Anthony have developed a rather special technique for working and processing their raw material: plastic.
The material is firstly selected in its raw form. Next, the two creators design motifs, mainly inspired by the aquatic world and from memories of their diving courses, with the help of software programs. They then transfer these designs onto fine PVC sheets using a serigraph process. These are then cut out and welded to produce molten plastic jewels in the form of capsules or bubbles. Each item, a seaweed necklace, a jellyfish earring, etc., is unique - colourful, original and extremely light yet super strong.

Molusk won the design prize in the 2010 “Solvin Award for PVC Innovation”, which aims to promote the image of PVC as an innovative, economical and safe material.


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