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3-in-1 cutlery sets

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3-in-1 cutlery sets

JOIN is nothing like ordinary cutlery: the innovative and refined design, the bright colours and the material – a special polyamide, approved for contact with foodstuff, make it immediately distinguishable from everyday cutlery.

However, far from being just eating utensils, JOIN is designed as a three-in-one unit: game of patience, conversation piece and table decoration.

Each of the three parts (knife, fork and spoon) has a central notch, so they can all be locked together. Once assembled in this way, the cutlery forms a little sculpture stable enough to be placed by itself on the table.

Preferably, choose a cold dish on the evening when you bring out your cutlery, so that some of your guests who are particularly fond of playing games can spend some time trying to find the solution to this brainteaser…

The cutlery was designed by Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolf and Ralph Webermann, in collaboration with experts at BASF Designfabrik, for the choice of the appropriate material and the development of the product.


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